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We envision a world in which people and the institutions they operate act as globally-competent citizens with awareness, understanding, sensitivity and ethical practices to advance public health, human rights and intercultural relations and effect social and organizational transformation for the good of all.

Global Citizen, LLC is a consulting and coaching firm that works in the United States and internationally to strengthen leaders’ capacity to effect organizational and social transformation by advancing public health, human rights, global competence, equity, diversity, and inclusion and delivering mutually-beneficial and high-impact results for a better world.

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Consulting and Coaching

We conduct a rapid and comprehensive assessment to better understand your vision, values, strengths, prioritized needs and opportunities and then partner with you to develop a strategic organizational, program or business development plan, tailored curriculum or program evaluation and offer technical and programmatic advising, coaching and other interventions that advance your organizational mission and results. 


  • Organizational and business development

  • Strategic organizational or program plans and evaluations

  • Technical and programmatic advising

  • Leadership coaching and staff training for increased effectiveness

  • Curriculum and instructional design

"Her vast experience is evident."

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Teaching and Training

We design and deliver tailored, highly-engaging skill-building courses and workshops that meet the unique learning objectives and circumstances of participants and programs.


  • Professional skills-building workshops

  • University courses for graduate and undergraduate students

  • Educational programs for elementary, middle and high school students

  • Pre-travel orientations and post-trip debriefing sessions for study abroad, service learning and international exchange participants


"Katherine was a very prepared and knowledgeable teacher. I definitely felt like I was being taught by the expert."

Public Speaking and Facilitation

We deliver engaging presentations on a wide variety of topics at conferences, community gatherings and media events. We expertly facilitate meetings, conference sessions and retreats.


  • Speaking engagements

  • Media topic expert

  • Meeting and retreat facilitation​

  • Conference session moderator

“Katherine is a gem, an engaging and thought-provoking speaker with extremely useful tips and loads of great experience to draw from."

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