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Global Competence Curriculum

What is Global Competence?

Global competence is the constellation of

  • Awareness

  • Understanding

  • Sensitivity 

  • Ethical practice

within an individual or a system that enables effective intercultural and cross-country interactions and partnerships that effect organizational and social transformation and result in mutually-beneficial and empowering outcomes for the good of all.

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A Globally Competent World is Possible

A Globally-Competent World is Possible videos present diverse people's experiences with cultural insensitivity and offer recommendations for action and a vision for global competence at the individual and institutional levels to create a more just and equitable world.

Show the video to increase awareness of how cultural insensitivity affects everyone and use the accompanying discussion guide to engender dialogue on how we all can take steps to create a globally-competent world.


Show the abbreviated edition in shorter classes or workshops or show the full edition in longer courses or workshops to explore each person's story in greater depth.



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