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Global Competence
Online, Self-Guided Course

Global Competence
 is the constellation of




Ethical practice

within an individual or a system that enables effective intercultural and cross-country interactions and partnerships that effect organizational and social transformation and result in mutually-beneficial and empowering outcomes for the good of all.

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The Global Competence Online, Self-Guided Course is grounded in Global Citizen, LLC’s evidence-based Global Competence Framework and serves as a resource for adults and young people with the desire to integrate themes of global competence into their personal and/or professional lives. The asynchronous course includes five modules with presentations and activities covering knowledge, attitudes, skills, and tools, to effectively navigate globalization, intercultural interaction and communication, diversity, equity, inclusion, and decolonization in a global context.

At the completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Assessed their current global competence levels

  • Increased their self-awareness

  • Deepened their understanding of globalization, demographic shifts, workforce changes, and persistent inequities

  • Clarified their values

  • Demonstrated greater sensitivity toward the benefits of diversity and inclusion

  • Strengthened their skills to work more effectively and inclusively with diverse people

  • Identified remaining gaps and developed a personalized plan to further enhance their knowledge, attitudes, and skills

  • Articulated commitments to advance individual and systemic global competence and equity

Upon successful completion of the required coursework, qualified participants will receive

Global Citizen, LLC’s Global Competence Online, Self-Guided Course Certificate of Completion.

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We are seeking scholarship donations to facilitate participation by individuals of all income levels.

Please click on the link to donate and write: Global Competence Course Scholarship in the Note section. 

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