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A Globally-Competent World is Possible video launch!

Global Citizen is thrilled to announce the launch of our new educational video, A Globally-Competent World is Possible, on our website: We invite you to view A Globally-Competent World is Possible to learn from diverse people's experiences with cultural insensitivity and discrimination and to hear their definitions of a globally-competent person and institution. They also provide recommendations for how we can learn about different cultures and countries in a respectful way and offer their vision for a globally-competent world.

During the interviews, we were struck by participants’ compassion and desire to educate others. Their ability to transform ignorance into education is a testament to their commitment to global citizenry. Through the editing process, we were awed by how people’s individual stories and recommendations flowed together beautifully to form coherent and consistent messages on the content and importance of global competence education.

This video is an important resource for classes, workshops, seminars and self-guided instruction on cultural competence and global citizenry, competence and ethics. It is appropriate for audiences of all ages. There is an 11-minute and 29-minute version to accommodate different class lengths and objectives. Instructors can show the abbreviated version to raise awareness and spark dialogue on how cultural insensitivity affects everyone. Facilitators can show the full-length version to explore each person's story in greater depth, which is perfect for longer classes and workshops.

It is our strong desire, and would be a tribute to the video participants who courageously shared their stories, for instructors all over the world to incorporate this video into their teaching curricula.

I would like to acknowledge Jennifer L. Herget for her fantastic collaboration in the conceptualization and production of the video. Jennifer and I send our heartfelt appreciation to each participant. We are grateful for your willingness to share your experiences and insights in service to global competence education. It is through mutually-empowering partnerships like these that we are making the world a better place for everyone.

©2015 Global Citizen, LLC for a better world

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